Thursday, March 19, 2009

Local Elections...

I posted a few days ago some information about where to find local election stuff. In trying to figure out a little more about this local election, I found a sample ballot (click the green link at the top) for Macon County residents. Check it out, and you'll find the information for the city/village/township you live in, and what elections you have occurring.

Here's a sneak peek for residents of Decatur:

City Councilman: (4 yrs., vote for 3)
Carey Grady
Betsy Stockard
Adam Ruderman
Dan Caulkins
Jerry Dawson
Julie "Moore" Wolfe
Adam Brown

City Councilman: (2 yrs., vote for 1)
Larry Foster
Patrick McDaniel
Marcia Phillips

Township Supervisor: Arthur Walker or Duane Potter

Township Clerk: Ada Owens or John Sellers

Township Assessor: Denita "Dee" Mathews or Tom Greanias

Township Highway Commissioner: Gordon Brenner (unopposed)

Township Trustees: (vote for 4)
Hilda Walker
Lisa Jones
Raushana Pender
Donna Verry
Michael Sexton
Mark Younker
Christopher Siudyla
John Bolletta

Decatur Park Dist. Commissioner: (vote for 2)
Robert Brilley
Erwin Arends
Cynthia Deadrick
John Davis
Louis Wood

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