Saturday, March 28, 2009

Love: a lent poem.

You’re the intimate untouchable

Mighty lamb, broken Devine

The ultimate intangible,

And yet I feel I’m held by you…

Contradictions and consistent.

Always changing and the same.

All of existence finds its’ purpose

In the Kingdom of your Name.

We the masses verbally assault your bride-

Misguided and impure

Lord help me when in darkness

To live out your love for her.

I teach it to (my) your children

This I know – I’m loved by Jesus

Sometimes great, often horrible

Immanuel – God with us.

No one greater, none more powerful

None with more humility

None more broken, or more vulnerable

Or acquainted with suffering.

Thank you God. Thank you Father.

Thank you Spirit. Thank you Son.

For your breath, for your promise

For your past, and for your Kingdom…

(yeah that's right, I get down with rhyming and with it. :) )

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