Monday, March 16, 2009

nothing like the book...

So here's a cheesy youth pastor illustration, that you've probably already heard, so you can skip it. But it hit me last night.

Ever read a really great book, and then went to see the movie, and became a bit disappointed? Maybe it was exactly the same, but just different than you imagined. Maybe it was cut a bit shorter in order to condense into a movie's length. Maybe they changed the story in large ways, just to fit whoever was making the movie's desire to bring it to life.

Whatever the case, if you've ever read "Jurassic Park", and then watched the movie, you know what I'm talking about. The book is pretty much always better than the movie. The more a movie stays true to the book, usually, the better the movie.

As Christians, we are a people of a Book. The Word of God. We are called to live out those transforming words - the calling back to a covenant relationship, the proclamation of His Kingdom, loving others, being involved in new creation, mercy, grace, life, etc...

Our lives can become illustrations of the Word of God. Examples for others to watch and interact with, that point them to the amazing story God continues to write with His creation.

I know that there are days in my life where if someone was watching, they'd say, "Man, that was nothing like the book." Thankfully, even those days are exactly why the Word of God exists.

I guess that's where the illustration falls apart/becomes beautiful. It's as if a Book was written that actually talks about the movies that will be made from it, and those movies continually point back to that Book for anything worth watching.

So maybe it's not an easy illustration to talk about. But still - I pray my life reflects much of the grace/life/redemption/new creation/Kingdom stuff found in the Book that I desire to draw my life from.

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