Sunday, March 01, 2009

Officially: Obama = Not the Antichrist

How do we know? Because Tim Lahaye said so of course!! According to Lahaye, too many people don't like Obama, and when the "antichrist" comes, everyone will like him.

How will that be possible?

Without flinching, Mr.Lahaye went right into his explanation: Because everyone who loves Jesus will disappear at the "rapture", making it possible for everyone who's left to swear allegiance to the antichrist, of course. So yeah, Obama is "involved" in end times - with his "socialist" agenda and anti-life propaganda, he's simply "preparing the way" for the antichrist. It all makes perfect sense.

Oh good. I'm glad this guy is allowed to get on TV and represent a major line of evangelical belief. If people watch/listen, and have read the Bible at some point, they should smell something foul. I'm excited to know that so many people will show up to church Sunday, hungry for answers, and asking questions that should have been addressed a long time ago.

Where exactly did all this rapture talk come from? (is it Biblical?)

Is there one anti-christ that we should be on the look out for? (there are many people who are/have been/will be against the things of Christ, watch out for all of them who try to lead)

We're used to saying things like "ah well, it's not that important what people believe, as long as they believe in Christ". I can get down with that. But I still think, especially as world events begin to line up (again) with "rapture theology", that we should be discussing exactly what we know from scripture, and what we've invented. The Kingdom work here and now suffers because so many are focusing on being "rapture-ready", or simply believe that checking the "I believe" box fulfills what God has called them to in this world.

I guess that begs the question: is it possible to believe actively in rapture theology, and still be faithful to the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

Answer: Yup. Totally. I've seen it. I think I see it on a regular basis.

So why not just leave it well enough alone? I don't know. For most of my teenage years, I knew the rapture was fact, and lived towards it. When I began to discover the truth about where the things I knew came from, it deepened my journey, and delivered much more Hope to the Gospel message in my life/world. I want that same deliverance for those I love...

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