Monday, March 09, 2009

Once again...

So I finally finished reading "The Shack". I've blogged twice before about it, and felt like I owed one last "hurrah". Seriously. This book needs to be read. But it is also a dangerous book.

Dangerous in the same way that "Fireproof", any other Christian movie/book/product, or even the metaphor of "asking Jesus into your heart" can be dangerous. It would be very easy for us to throw this at someone as a "fix", or a "medicine" for suffering/pain/etc. To think that any of these things "fixes" anyone, or brings completion to a life that needs God, is all too tempting for a culture of gratification.

The book is not perfect...but it is a great book. Very well written. Yeah it's cheesy at times. But acceptably so, in my book. Beautiful images and well-thought-out words/pictures of God and humanity. It offers healing by pointing to God and His Spirit. Great themes of forgiveness, and how exactly God may work in some regards.

But it is not medicine. It is not a cure. It is a book. Lives need Jesus Christ. We need genuine community with each other towards the Kingdom, and given life by His Spirit. I believe God can use this book in awesome ways in the lives of individuals, and in communities. But I also believe this book could be misused just as easily.

May we find ourselves caught up in loving others towards God...and may visible/experiential acts of worship such as this become more and more available as He continues to reveal Himself....thanks to the author/his conspirators for making it available to the public.

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