Sunday, March 08, 2009

physically speaking...

Talking with my wife the other day, I realized another reason I enjoy the season of Lent. It is the emphasis on the physical. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, and throughout the 40 days (minus miniature celebrations of Easter on Sundays) we remind ourselves of our physical existence. I'm grateful for the mentors/teachers/pastors I have that have revealed God's love for the physical world to me.

I grew up with the line of thinking that these bodies are mere "soul holders". That unfortunately, our souls are trapped/carried around in these physical robots (remember Krang from TMNT?) until they finally fall apart to the extent that our soul is finally released.

Thankfully that's not the case. Sure these physical bodies get old. They age, wither, and fall to various elements/diseases, and ultimately breathe their last. But even with that, we see signs throughout scripture, and I have come to believe these bodies are somehow intricately and beautifully connected to the body that is to come. The "new creation" body. (1 Corinthians 15) And even apart from that, God Himself came as Jesus, and lived/died in a human body, redeeming it in so many ways.

Yes, there are many places where it talks about the "flesh" as it relates to evil. But the word refers more to a "carnality" than to a general physical being. When God talks about our bodies, and when Jesus related physically to others - there is a sense that these bodies are very sacred and precious things to God.

Maybe that's why I like hockey so much...even if I can't play it. There is a sense of joy that I see on players faces when they skate smoothly down the ice, toying with the puck around other players, and ultimately either scoring a goal, getting crunched into a wall, or checked by another player who's enjoying the game just as much. It's a very physical game. I'd like to think that, given eternity in the new creation, I might enjoy such a moment myself. For now...dreams.

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