Monday, March 02, 2009

The Shack (no spoilers)

So I'm about 3/4 of the way through "The Shack", a book written by William Young. Apparently, it's been a buzz for a while. I'd never heard much about it, until I accidentally picked it up one day a few months ago. The cover looked interesting enough. I turned it over to see what the back told me. Immediately I saw a quote by Michael W. Smith, recommending the book. I did the only sensible thing: I put it down. No way I was gonna buy/read some random Christian Fiction bestseller (okay, I'm addicted to Dekker, but other than that.).

So here I am, almost finished with the book, and I have a GIANT recommendation for it's author and publishers. I hope they're listening among the thousands of people who read my blog on a daily basis (or at least annual basis). Ready? Here it is:

Publish a leather bound, or at least remarkably boring looking covered edition. Call it whatever you want. Do NOT put quotes by famous Christian people on the outside of it. Don't advertise that it's out in Christian bookstores or on Christian radio stations. Simply allow it to exist. This will give cynical people the ability to check the book out on their own, without proclaiming it to the world (if they read in public).

I'm more than a little ashamed to say, I did not even think about reading "The Shack" because of how obvious it would be to anyone in public that I was reading "The Shack" (and yes, largely due to Smitty's recommendation on the back). Although now I know the only ones who would judge me for reading "The Shack" are people who have not read "The Shack".

Thankfully, along the same lines as the movie "Fireproof" recently, my wife told me I was not allowed to judge a piece of literature/cinema/art, until I'd actually experienced it. So we committed to reading it together. Have I mentioned I love my wife?

Come back tomorrow for a few (still no spoilers) thoughts on the book....


Sarah Anne said...

You're welcome :<) Next on your list, is the other book I'm reading now. I won't say the name for fear of embarrassing you in front of your "audience." Then... you can pick one for me to read.

pastorwick said...

hehe - no worries. I'll announce it. It appears I will be reading "The Purpose Driven Life" next. Actually reading it - as opposed to skimming through it so I know what it covers so I can discuss it in ministry settings.