Thursday, March 12, 2009

the storm in the calm...

Another aspect we've talked about this week - why we enjoy staying busy. Yesterday I brought up the fact that there are many ways to simply "be" in life, and we all have different paths in that regard. But one thing we all share, whether we enjoy it or not, is the need for silent time before God. That time that makes most of us accidentally fall asleep (which seems a lot more okay than we allow ourselves to think it is). No matter how we are wired, some sort of "silence" is good.

Sometimes we avoid that silence, because we're afraid of what may happen during it. Left with only ourselves, and God, we actually have to think of our self. When we don't try to fill the silence with prayers of some sort, when we embrace the silence and release our desire to control it - we may be confronted with those aspects of ourselves that we try and ignore. Those things about us we try to stay too busy to notice. Those parts of ourselves that we try and cover up.

These "dark emotions" (simply because they are generally kept hidden): anger, lust, greed, insecurity, pride, apathy, etc.

We are instructed, from a young age usually, to fight these. To pray with all we have, "God, take this from me." But yesterday, in guided prayer, we were asked to name them in ourselves. To personify them. To notice them. To imagine God responding to that personified emotion. To seek what "good" might come from this aspect of ourselves we've denied most our lives.

I recommend this. Psycho-babble though it may sound - it offers to be an experience of God that can bring healing and purpose to an area of our lives that needs.

Reminded this week, that although there is value to finding our our strengths, the things we're gifted at, etc. God can use our weaknesses, our broken areas, sometimes in even more powerful ways. Where we are weak, He is strong.

May we seek silence, and know that God is with us through the storm...

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Staci said...

I wholeheartedly agree! I believe that many people use the busy things in our lives to ignore things that need dealing with. It's a way to drug ourselves from our reality. If we're busy, we can't possibly get to the root of our selves, our families, even God. It's easier to keep busy with the superficial activities of life (even good ones) than it is to deal with the truth of our selves. We are truly broken people, and we often need a lot of work. Silence before God is IMHO the only way to have our weaknesses and strengths revealed to us. They must be revealed, and we must embrace them.

Unfortunately we are often told by parents and/or the church that resting is lazy and that being lazy is sinful (or at least undesireable to God). So for all of you who have been told something similar, I assure you that rest is NOT laziness. In fact, rest is essential. God designed us to need rest. We can't possibly be who God has called us to be without resting.