Thursday, March 05, 2009

a tough question...

"What if God didn't (or ceased to) exist?"

In a recent blog, the Friendly Atheist posted a video made by someone that posed this question. The video is obviously sarcastic, but it brought up a good question. One that we should be thinking about, especially as we journey towards a celebration of Easter together.

"If God ceased to be - what about your life would change?"

Obviously an impossible question, and ridiculous to even ask, for those who believe God to be the source of all that is, etc. So it's not necessarily that I want us to think about how we would respond to this situation. But rather, what does it tell us about who God is to us? Would it merely change what we do?

The video reminds us that there are more reasons than simply (or not simply) "God wants me to", to the questions of: why be a good person? why help others? why live a certain way?

So then the question can become, what difference is there between the good that I work to accomplish, and the work someone who does not believe in God accomplishes? A glass of water to someone who's thirsty is simply that, right?

Easter is a good illustration, in some ways. Many will celebrate Easter - time off work, colored eggs, special colored cookies, a dinner with family, maybe even attend a church service. But not all who celebrate Easter will celebrate Easter - Jesus Christ (the crucified God) being resurrected (given a "new creation" body ahead of all humanity) as the initiation of the Kingdom of God's arrival.

It's a bit easier to describe that difference. But it may not be easy to see that difference if we were to watch 2 people through Easter Sunday.

May our "glasses of water" be different in such a way. May we trust in God to provide that difference as He continues to bring His Kingdom and make all things new.

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