Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I have a confession. I'm reading the "graphic novel" (comic book) "The Watchmen". Mainly because I love super-hero's, and the story seemed to pull me in. I know, the movie is rated R, and even the book itself has all sorts of cussing/situations in it, and I'm probably horrible for even telling the truth that I'm reading it.....but there it is.

The sometimes inappropriate story comes at a very appropriate time. Lent.

Murder. Rape. Child pornography. Hate. Violence. Selfishness. Lust. Greed. The list could go on and on. Humanity as a whole is filled with so many horrible things. The book continues to ask the question, "what makes them worth saving?". What redeeming qualities are there, if any, about the mess of human existence? What makes a life worth living, in a time where so much suffering and pain exist?

I've not finished the book. But I don't think it hits the mark for what many of us would consider the "why" to the questions above. It gets deep, and talks about the miracles (on a quantum level, even) that make such chaos worthwhile. It definitely raises the question for the reader, however.

We all have had similar moments of realization I'm sure. You're standing in the middle of a carnival downtown, or a greedy Wal-mart scene on "Black Friday", or an obnoxious parent at a kids sporting event, or even just seeing the conditions in other countries while we worry about how much gas costs by the cent. How screwed up are humanities priorities?

I'm thankful for a God who looks at all that we've chosen to become, and continues to be broken with love for us. Who has already begun, and continues to work towards, drawing all back into a covenant relationship with Him. Who has initiated His Kingdom right here in our midst, and calls us to join in proclaiming it with our very lives/being. Emphasis again - I'm thankful for a God who LOVES US. (I wanted to use all sorts of adverbs there, but couldn't pick the right one. Suffice it to say, there are many phenomenal ways that we are loved.)

As we recognize our humanity, even the aspects that make us shiver, may we be filled with the heart of God for His children. May we admit/confess that we are all just as fallen, and in need of His Spirit's work in our lives...

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