Thursday, April 02, 2009

and one.

So my previous post was officially my 400th blog post. It all started back in May of 2007 with my very first post. Honestly, I didn't know much about blogging. Even though I suppose I've been doing it every since November of 2004...thanks to Xanga (remember Xanga?)..which seems just a bit crazy. My adventure went from Xanga (not even sure how I got started on that...but thanks if it was you) to Myspace, to the current blog you're reading. I launched this blog after realizing Myspace was ad-happy, and Facebook might go that way someday too (which it totally is, not to mention the stupid ad-ons you get invited to every stinking day).

I have no idea how many total posts that makes. A lot probably. But most has been in the past two years. I enjoy it. After 5 years of posting my thoughts, I have built up a regular 20-30 readers a day...(most from family, and accidental visits by googlers) and yet continue to write. That in itself should tell you I'm not writing to gain high readership. I would have quit a long time ago.

I think there's something useful/beneficial to writing my thoughts out. I think more. I pay attention more. I'm accountable (relatively) to comments and random or not so random people responding to whatever I put out there.

I was never a journal person. But maybe this is journaling for me.

If you read my blog, thanks. If you check once in a while to see if I've posted anything interesting/easy to read, but usually switch pages within a few seconds - thanks. If you remember I have a blog, because you use it to find a blog I link to, thanks. If you've ever posted a comment on my blog, and actually enjoy the randomness/not-so-randomness that are the thoughts I spew out - thanks.

If you don't read it, and don't like it...well....what are you doing here? :)

Looking forward to many more words coming together...

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