Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Friday

So today I get to chill at home with the girls. Princesses, ponies, and potty. Looking forward to a great time tonight with a Junior High lock-in with teens from all over our conference. We're renting out KICKS in Springfield, IL. The place is pretty cool, but to go on your own doesn't seem worth the money (many of the games and activities are pretty pricey). The only way to truly enjoy it seems to rent it out for an entire night. But in order to do that, you need 100 people. So Junior High Lock-In it is. :)

Meanwhile, the first games of the 2009 NHL Playoffs have all been played. Detroit has come through our first game with expected outcomes. Defense seems to have tightened up, and Osgood was in true playoff form. They could totally get the cup again this year.

As for upsets, there were a couple. San Jose (#1 in the West, and over the entire league this year) was shut out by Anaheim (#8 in the West) last night, 2-0. I'm slightly worried here, as Detroit could beat San Jose a lot easier than Anaheim - and Anaheim has a recent Stanley Cup win in 2007 that could fuel a hunger/ability for that team to make it through. So here's hoping San Jose comes back to win the series.....but I wouldn't count on it.

In the East, only one minor upset. The #2 Washington Capitals lost to the #7 New York Rangers. But in the East, it's a toss up with any match up anyway. They're all decent, yet mediocre teams. :)

For continued updates throughout the NHL Playoffs, I totally recommend NHL.COM this year. They've revamped their homepage for the playoffs, and include continuous updates, blog posts, stats and more. Everything you need, all on one check it.

Building a wooden swing set with Uncle Larry tomorrow (after getting home from an all-night Junior High Lock-In), and then preaching Sunday morning (you should TOTALLY come - 8:30am and 10:30am at Moundford Free Methodist). So I doubt I'll post much of anything until Monday. Have a great Easter Saturday, and weekend....

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