Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Thursday

So we've tried something new this year, even in the midst of what seems to be one of our busiest weeks in quite sometime. We're stealing a suggestion from Bishop Wright, and celebrating Easter as a week long celebration. We are hoping to make this a family tradition as our daughters continue to grow, adding different aspects to it.

Each day we've attempted to include something special, and out of the ordinary. Our goal will be, as each of our 3 girls grow, give each of them one day during Easter week to plan something special. Until they get to the age where they can plan/choose something like that...guess we'll do it for them. This week was/is:

Easter Sunday: Obvious Easter celebrations, hidden baskets, dinner with family, candy, etc.
Easter Monday: Movie night with homemade pizza, with blankets and pillows all over the living room.
Easter Tuesday: Met Sarah and the kids Lunch break at the mall, letting the girls go nuts on the play area there.
Easter Wednesday: Quick stop over at McDonald's before church, letting Addie venture into the unknown. Even though she only went as far as the blue tube, and the little car. She still loved every minute of it. Then over to church for an Easter dinner/movie night with the teens!
Easter Thursday: Breakfast out with the family, McDonald's again - at Addie's request. She had the whole play area to herself! (play area didn't open until 9am, but they totally opened it at 8am for us!)
Easter Friday: Daddy gets to stay home and play with the girls all day on his day off!! Garage sale at Nana Nicol's house, if any of ya'll need baby stuffs.
Easter Saturday: Hanging out with Uncle Larry/Staci, and building a swing set in the backyard! WOOT.

May we all continue celebrating Easter with our lives, recognizing each Sunday together as a celebration/proclamation that Jesus Christ has been resurrected - that NEW LIFE is possible!

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