Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Wednesday

It was tough to do. Last week, while our church's CLC (Childrens) was celebrating Easter, having Easter Egg hunts, etc...I resisted the temptation. Teenagers, after all, are old enough to begin appreciating things like Lent, etc. So we focused instead on waiting for the resurrection. We went throught the story of Christ's last week, all the way up to his final moments on the cross, and breathing His last breath.

Incidentally, if you're looking for a great book to use for illustrating such moments of familiar or unfamiliar Bible stories, I recommend "The Book of God" by Walt Wangerin, Jr. I heard of it back in 2001 at a Youth Specialties Convention seminar with Tony Jones, and have enjoyed using it and reading it ever since. It's basically the entire Bible, written chronologically as a Novel. Great stuff.

We experienced a great Christian oxymoron,
a deeply satisfying hunger.

To talk in great detail about the need for a savior, the need for all things becoming new, the need for a Spirit that is given by God to restore all things and reveal His Kingdom as being, and not yet......and yet not celebrate it's arrival.

Who knows....maybe the teens blew it off, skipped church Sunday, and completely missed out on the festivities. Maybe they didn't experience any hunger at all. But I gotta believe some did, and all did somewhat, no matter how it was acknowledged/cast aside.

So tonight, with the teens arriving who probably missed out on Sunday celebrations, and haven't thought much about it since then....I will be re-visiting the hunger briefly. Before launching into a celebration of Easter each of them would have preferred to the hams and green bean casseroles found in dining rooms all over the place this past week.

How will we celebrate?

Pizza and Mountain Dew. With a bit of half-off Easter candy, thanks to our good friends at Walgreens. Boom. HAPPY EASTER!! NEW LIFE IS POSSIBLE!!!!

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