Thursday, April 30, 2009

nerd. e.

So you may have heard about a nifty little web browser called "Firefox". It's caught on, from what I've seen, and most people are using it now. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, go get it NOW. It's faster than Internet Explorer, and much safer too.

Turns out, Firefox is only the tip of the better/safer world of nerdiness. Ready for a quick run through of everything, without any nerdy phrases? Because here's the thing, I've heard of people using most of these, but never figured I could do it...and you totally can. Although it does help to have some friends who know more than you, and can help tweak details here and there as you're going forward.

GIMP - a free photo/image editing software. Easy to use, and they even have ways to make it run just like photoshop.

PIDGIN - chat with your yahoo, AIM, MSN, myspace messengers all on one list!

Open Office - Free software that works just like all the Microsoft Office programs. Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, etc. You can even open and save documents to and from your rich friends with actual Microsoft Office programs!

Ubuntu - truly the top of this list (even though it's the bottom here). Always wanted a MAC for the safety and security, but couldn't afford one? Felt like you were sacrificing security for a faster processor and gadgets of a PC? Installing Ubuntu as your operating system closes many of the security gaps left open by Windows. If you're like me, you still have some programs that need Windows to run, so you install Ubuntu along beside it, and it gives you the option of entering one or the other when you restart your computer. (also, installing Ubuntu gives you Pidgin, Open Office, and GIMP along with access to many other freeware software connections) Although it's true, no operating system install will make a glowing fruit appear on the back of your laptop screen so you can show it off in public.

Yet. :)


Jake T said...

The other thing is the makers of Ubuntu are a combination of a community of people and a corporation that doesn't practice oppressive, non-competitive practices.

Unlike Windows.

Ashley said...

ah, yes, a blog post that makes me excited (and no, I'm not kidding).

But, maybe, I should not have admitted that!