Monday, April 06, 2009

Palms and Politics

Just a reminder that tomorrow you will have your opportunity to be an active citizen locally. If you live near me, here is a previous blog you may want to check concerning out local elections.

Interesting to be speaking politically during the week before Easter. We celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday, recognizing the day that Christ entered to a King's welcome - hardly looking like a King. The people viewed him as the political Messiah. He was going to break the bonds of Roman rule over them, and take his rightful place as King over all the Jews. They may not have understood how/why it was this meek man with a comely appearance, but after viewing the miracles he was able to perform - most of them shrugged their shoulders and cheered that he had finally arrived!!

They were desperate for that Messiah.

We know now that Jesus was not that Messiah. Not due to any failure on his part, either. It was never his goal. It's not what he was about. He came to proclaim the powers and systems and structures of this world to be powerless. To announce the arrival and beginning of the Kingdom of God. To reveal God's love for all things created, and His desire to reach all creation through humanity. To live out a new system of living, based in the Spirit and not in the values/sources of this world.

We are desperate for that Messiah.

It's a good time for us to check ourselves (before we wreck ourselves?). Why do we lay our palms before Jesus? Why are we so darned excited about his existence/arrival? Are we ascribing some quality to how incredible Jesus is - that he would not proclaim himself?

Are we anxious for all creation to be restored/made new? For the slaves to become free? For the unloved to know they're loved? For God's Kingdom/Life to flood over all we know and live by?

Or are we anxious to escape hell/earth? To get our wings? Waiting on the rapture? Thankful that Jesus fills our "God-shaped hole", and figure that's about all we need? Glad to have something "solid" to excuse/give "purpose" to our motivations?

As we welcome this week, may we be aware of why we get excited about Jesus Christ entering creation. Looking forward to celebrating with all of the cosmos...

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