Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Side B:

This past Sunday, I praught on 1 Corinthians 12:29-13:3. The fact that the "love chapter" is all about how to do/be the church together, and not simply about how to date each other or even how God Loves us. If we truly base everything we do as Church from "Love", what would change?

Here are some excerpts of stolen ideas I presented in the message:

From The Work of the People:

And from Mark Yaconelli: (although I probably messed up his message a bit)

It's no longer about products, about who can produce what and a worth based on that. It's about people, seeing and affirming them.

It's no longer about control, about who has it and how they use it. It's about contemplation, spending time in the temple of God's reality and letting Him reveal his authority/desire.

It's no longer about the "professional", relying on the one to get it done. It's about the processes, all the gifts of the body and what we do together.

It's no longer about results, and "success" based ministry. It's about relationships, and being driven by the good of all creation and the community as a whole.

It's no longer about conformity, about copying what has worked in other situations without regard for the new. It's about creativity, and openness to being the icon of a creative God in this cosmos.

It's no longer about answers, knowing the right ones or at least pretending we do. It's about awareness, knowing what we don't know and being genuine about it to a world who needs genuine models of humanity in need of God's mystery.

It's no longer about being faster, and the "get mine now" hurried approach to life. It's about savoring the moments, walking slower, taking our time and making space for God's refreshing our minute by minute experience of life together.

It's no longer about simply being reactive to life, anxious about fixing things. It's about being responsible, committing to being faithful above successful - whatever that looks like - crowds or the cross.

These things are not inherently bad, but they are not the foundation...they come only as they are based in the new life provided/enabled/sourced in Jesus Christ, Lord of All.

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Put very well, hun. :<)