Thursday, May 21, 2009


I remember back in November of 2005. We had just moved into our first home, after moving into an apartment when we first came to Decatur, IL. I was working part-time in ministry, while doing sales full time. We didn't know where we would be down the road, but we still believed God had called us to set up a home right here.

Then we found out we were expecting.

The combination of excitement/nervousness/anxiety/thankfulness/confusion/mourning (just being honest, saying goodbye to a life with no kids)/openness/love/hope/adventure/stress/etc.....was a whirlwind. We prepared for her arrival meticulously and daily. We learned, studied, decorated, and arranged. Addison Elizabeth came (August 2006). We loved. We grew. Etc.

About 10 months later, we found out we were expecting a second time.

Again, the flurry of every emotion possible. A few extra preparations for having more than one baby around, and a lot of speculating/dreaming about what would be same/different between them. Our family was growing. Sophie Grace came (February 2008). We loved. We grew. Etc.

About 9 months later, we discovered we were expecting a third time.
(and we're not even quiver-full parents, just in case you were wondering)

So here we are. We've made a few more preparations. A little less worry/anxiety this time, although some new bits as well. We've moved Sophie and Addie into a room together, and continue to think of projects we want to get done before we lose the ability to do things other than parent for a while. We are officially 3 weeks away (or less) from welcoming Ruby Anne into the world. (June 2009) We will love. We will grow. We will "etc." like crazy.

I love it. Not in a "man I wanna have tons more kids so I can love this even more" kinda way. Not even in a "man, everyone needs to do this cause it's how it should be done" kinda way. But more of a "man, I'm really thankful for how things have come together, and thank God for what I've been brought through to be where things are today. I love my family."

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