Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy's day

After putting careful thought and planning into an awesomely creative Mother's Day gift that ended up being way too small for any adult female.....I decided it'd be better to involve the girls anyways.

So yesterday morning, Sophie, Addie, and I went to Kroger to pick out some flowers and a card for Mother's Day. Addie objected. "I no have a mother?" Shaking her head. I said, "yes you do, Addie, and tomorrow is her day."

"No, I no have a mother...I have a MOMMY." She said back. "Oh, okay, yes. And tomorrow is Mommy's Day." I told her. "We have to get something special for Mommy for her day."

I didn't even have to prompt her, as we pulled up and she saw the hanging baskets of flowers she yelled, "Flowers!!" (okay, I may have slowed down to emphasize them) "We get flowers for mommy for her day? That make her happy, daddy!"

The girls were both smiling and excited by this point. We picked out the perfect flowers, and went inside for the card. I took the girls to the card aisle, parked in front of the Mother's Day section, and told Addie to pick ANY card. I was prepared to buy whichever card she truly wanted to give mommy, even if it was actually a birthday card on accident.

She walked away.

She found the giant, $10, song-playing Cinderella birthday card. I found out I actually do have limits. I narrowed the choice for a slightly-teary eyed daughter, asking her to pick one of three cards I was holding...and that's the one we got. (after going around the store to find Sophie's missing shoe that had fallen somewhere)

The whole ride home we talked about how tomorrow was "Mommy's Day", and how much we loved mommy, and how much she makes us happy. :) We love her.

For my wife: This story is a part of your gift. Wish I could have had a video camera. Our daughters are truly growing up, and we have you to thank for so much of it. We love you, and hope you know how much you are loved and special to us.

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