Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NHL Update...

It's been a while since I posted an NHL update. So here it goes:

Chicago began pretty decent. In the first period of the first game. Since then, even with Detroit having major players out with injuries, Chicago has lost composure. The most recent game reveals that for sure. The Blackhawks were nesting in the penalty box much more than usual that night, throwin' 'bows and takin' cheap shots to make up for their inability to score OR stop the puck.

Not to mention their Coach, who took a $10,000 fine for publicly criticizing league officials for properly officiating the game. :)

Over all, it shows the amazing depth of talent that runs deep in the Detroit Redwings team. Which will come in handy as we move forward. After we win Wednesday night in Detroit, finishing the round against Chicago, we move on to face the Pittsburgh Penguins most likely. They're 3-0, and look to finish their round tonight.

So it's a rematch it seems. We faced the Penguins in the Stanley Cup finals last year...with both teams very much the same. Last year, the Pens depended on Crosby, Malkin, and Hossa to do most of their scoring. After losing to Detroit last year, Hossa signed up with us, and has continued to provide goals. He took less money with Detroit than he could have made on other teams. Why? BECAUSE HE WANTED TO WIN THE CUP, AND KNEW DETROIT WOULD DO IT. :)

So this year, Pittsburgh comes to the table with two great players, and a decent goalie. To play against the Redwings who have Crosby's and Malkin's in every line.

Not gonna be easy. It should still be great hockey...it's the FINALS after all. But it'll go to Detroit in 5, maybe 6, games. :) HERE COMES THE CUP!!!!

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