Sunday, May 03, 2009

questions that matter...

By the end of this week, I'm due to respond to each of these questions, in view of my upcoming interview for ordination. I thought it would be valuable at very least, to share with you the questions asked of potential Free Methodist Ordinands...(Nazarene ministry friends - any response? How does this match up to questions asked of ya'll? I know it's probably weird not seeing a huge emphasis on entire sanctification as a stand alone issue. ;) )

  1. Explain your understanding of God. What Adjectives do you use to describe Him? How would you describe yourself in relation to God?

2. Speak to us about the sufficiency and authority of Scripture.

  1. Give an overview of your understanding of the salvation process—what John Wesley called the “order of salvation” from before faith to heaven.

  1. What are the key differences between a Wesleyan and Reformed view of salvation? In your answer, help us to understand and “own” a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective.

  1. In your own words, describe a Wesleyan understanding of sin and salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the meaning of entire sanctification. How do you evaluate or relate to these understandings?

  1. How do the scriptures understand the church (its nature, composition, and mission)?

  1. What is your theology of worship? What are the essentials of the proper worship of God? How do matters of style and preference relate to the practice of worship?

  1. Describe your devotional life (methods, resources, etc.). What have you done recently done recently to keep your relationship with God alive and growing?

  1. What is your understanding of the NT teaching on the gifts of the Spirit? What is your specific position on “speaking in tongues”?

  1. How do you understand the role of the pastor? What are the pastoral essentials in caring for a congregation?

  1. Of what significance is ordination? Reflect on its meaning for the church, its mission and its pastoral and lay leadership.

  1. Our ordination ritual gives the scriptures and their witness to Christ a central place in our church. Comment on your intentions relative to the Scriptures and their place or role in your future ministry.

  1. What is your view of women in ordained ministry? How do you interpret the most significant Pauline directives regarding women in the church? How do you respond to the passages that describe women fully engaged in ministry with Paul and others? Please comment on Galatians 3:28 regarding there being neither “male nor female” as it applies to ministry.
  2. What is the responsibility of a 21st century pastor and a congregation to the Great Commandment and Great Commission? How do you envision leading a congregation in fulfilling the Great Commandment and Great Commission?

  1. What is your view of pastoral “authority”? What is your understanding of how a pastor works with and relates to the lay leaders and the Board of Administration of the congregation to which you are assigned in bringing change in mission, vision, or styles of worship? How do you relate to those in authority over you?


Monogenes said...

I wonder if you are supposed to post these questions :).

pastorwick said...

I think they're good questions. Not exhaustive, of course, but they combine my responses to these questions with my classwork thus far, along with my work in the denomination, along with my personal testimony and witness, along with God's guiding, etc, etc, etc...

They could probably get rid of several of them, and/or add 20 more...and still be alright. :)