Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm going to tread on some thin ice here. I know I have a few readers, and some will appreciate and some may be offended. I'm not an expert on this topic. But I do think that too many are completely silent on the issue on both sides. So I'll give my two cents, for what it's worth.

I believe God created man and woman for each other. I believe a man choosing a man, or woman choosing a woman to share a romantic relationship, goes against the order God has created things in, and is very similar to Eve eating the fruit in the garden. It is, in essence, telling God "I know a better way". I believe it is a sin. Others can debate about whether it's choice or nature...I'm not sure. Probably a bit of both, knowing we are born as imperfect humans in need of God's restoration.

I also believe there is no “greatest” sin. (besides the “unpardonable” sin found in Matthew 12:31-32 – which basically means saying the Holy Spirit is not a source of life – which is obvious why you wouldn’t be able to be made new by that life…you’ve rejected it.) There is no measure of offense against God. To go against His will is simply and unfortunately that, though some have larger consequences in this world. With that in mind, and knowing we are all sinners, I move forward.

We can't deny that there are many of our human brothers and sisters who have chosen this specific road of homosexuality. I believe too often, the groups that are vocal either for or against it...are the extremes. We cannot remain silent on a topic, simply because it's socially taboo.

In Illinois, there is a bill being delayed currently, that addresses the rights of homosexuals. It seems black and white, to someone who opposes homosexuality and believes God will judge a collective people by how they make legislation. But to look at some of the issues being addressed by the bill: (taken from the Daily Herald)

"They should be able to make emergency medical decisions just as married couples do. There are horrific examples of partners being denied access in an emergency. They should have access to state spousal benefits, including survivor benefits. They should be able to file civil actions based on spousal status. They should have the right to control the disposition of remains when a partner dies. They should have the right to share a nursing-home room. The list goes on. "

With those issues in mind, I'm not sure it's as easily a "black and white" issue.

In any case, if you're an Illinois Resident, feel free to contact your local representative and tell them your opinion on: HB2234: the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act

If you're near Decatur, it's either:
Robert Flider
132 S. Water
Decatur, IL 62523


Aaron Schock
235 S. Sixth St.
Springfield, IL 62701

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Matt said...

I appreciate your thoughts. What I have trouble deciding is how much we should try to legislate morality in our country. It is one thing for a church to say that they will not perform marriages for the same sex, but it is another for the state to deny people certain privileges.

I'm aware of the slippery slope argument: whether this will eventually lead to polygamy or bestiality, etc.

I guess I'm just saying I'm conflicted about how to approach this in civil life as a Christian.