Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So lately, I've been reading far too much by one author. If you read my blog more than once a year, you've probably noticed. I'm a bit embarrassed. Though I will state, I do not read his words as scripture. Nevertheless, God seems to be revealing Himself in phenomenal ways through this mans spoken and written word....and it becomes hard for me to not soak in as much as possible.

That being said, I made it a goal to find someone who disagrees in a large way with NT Wright, and read one of their recent works. It didn't take me long to find a book written towards the end of 2007: The Future of Justification: A Response to NT Wright, by John Piper.

Apparently, where NT Wright is saying we've gotten quite a bit of wrong focus in much of our Christianity, Piper says no. Piper thinks we're doing alright, and to mix in some of this "new theology" will muddle the waters in threatening ways. Threatening enough to write a book in direct response to it.

I would make fun of his need to write a book in direct response to Wright; except for the fact that NT Wright has recently published a book in response to (although not claiming in the title, certainly admitting in interviews) Pipers work. The book is "Justification: God's Plan and Paul's Vision".

So what to do with all of these findings? I got both of them.

What do they each briefly say about their book?

John Piper: "to declare the lordship of Jesus and say that’s the gospel, rather than the gospel being an explanation of how to be saved overlooks the problem that, for the person who has been in treason against the Lord of the universe all his life, the resurrection is not good news. It’s really bad news. He’s going to be destroyed if the resurrected Lord has all power in heaven and on earth."

NT Wright: "My anxiety about what has now been seen as the traditional Reformed view (though there are many traditional Reformed views!) is that it focuses all attention on ‘me and my salvation’ rather than on ‘God and God’s purposes’, which – as we see in the Gospels, and in e.g. Romans 8 – are much wider than just my salvation. This book, for me, thus follows from Surprised by Hope and the other things I’ve been writing in the same vein."

Should be a good read in both regards!!

Or...well....quite least one regard. :)

I already wonder if Piper even read NT Wright all the way through?

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