Thursday, June 11, 2009

pain - redeemed?

It doesn't take long to figure out that a lot of what happens to/in a womans' body during pregnancy is not pleasant. Feeling sick, pain all over, etc etc. And to culminate it all in the actual giving birth, I'm thankful to be a man.

But it makes me wonder, how much of this process is undesirable because of living in a fallen world? How did God originally intend to populate His creation with more humans reflecting Him? Surely, it wouldn't be a completely different experience. I don't believe our bodies physically transformed in some odd way because of Adam and Eve eating the fruit.

But no matter what, I'm pretty sure giving birth to a human being would be a painful thing.

Which brought me to another point. Maybe there was some sort of "pain" experienced, even in the Garden of Eden. If God's ultimate plan for all creation is something similar to how we existed together in the Garden, except even better as Heaven and Earth become united in a "new creation" - then maybe there will be pain as well?

I know, if you're like me, you've grown up with everyone telling you there will be no pain or suffering or tears in "heaven". But most of the verses used to prove this seem to be talking about a different kind of suffering. I can't imagine God creating a sort of "numb" existence for us to spend eternity in.

But maybe, just maybe, our concept of pain is all messed up, along with the created world we live in. Perhaps God will redeem even the experience of pain itself, not that it would bring "joy" as we think of it....but that it might be an acceptable thing to have sometimes, simply as a part of the whole of "being", and allow for a response to and from God while completely in God's restoring presence.

I could be completely wrong, and maybe this is all just silly nonsense.

But if it's even connected to the truth, then God offers us the ability to have our experience of pain transformed here and now. He has begun to establish/reveal His Kingdom already....even where we suffer/hurt...

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