Friday, June 05, 2009

Social Vision

Wow. I didn't realize I hadn't blogged on "The Holiness Manifesto" (book) since last October. I've finally begun pressing forward, and just finished chapter 5, "The Social Vision of the Holiness Movement". It was written by William Kostlevy, Professor at Tabor College.

I'd confess, prior to reading this chapter I assumed it was about feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, etc. I'm sure that fits in there in a few places, but overall it was nothing like I'd assumed.

If I had to give it a new title, I would call it "Secret Societies: How Woman's Rights Impacted the Social Vision of the Holiness Movement". But perhaps that would be too long.

Kostlevy gives a short glimpse into the various responses of evangelicals to "secret societies" including Free Masons and many others. If you're like me, you only know a bit, and even then only through rumors and the Church's official stance against them. It's pretty good information, and historical references to other publications here.

What was surprising to hear (but complimentary to women I suppose) was the purpose behind much of the evangelical support of women's rights, and opposition to secret societies - which were white men only for the most part.

To quote Kostlevy, the group believed "the expansion of women's social influence would 'drive drunkeness out of politics' and usher in an age of economic prosperity and social righteousness." So there you go. got your rights, at least legally. Where's our economic prosperity and social righteousness? hehe.

Altogether, I think it's important stuff to note/know. Especially in a time where we will hinge the future financial and/or moral prosperity on any person/persons attaining some sort of "next level" of power or permission. There's gotta be more to our gospel. Thankfully, there is. :)

Much more.

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