Sunday, July 05, 2009


This year may be different.

After the NHL Lockout a few years back, they installed a salary cap for NHL. Everyone believed this would "level the playing field" between newer, less talented, and less popular teams, and teams like the Detroit Redwings.

For several years now, it seems as if the cap had no effect on the Wings. Their talent has remained. Their big names have remained. Their ability to humble their opponent has increased, even.

But in the past few days, some things have changed. Hoping that in regard to the categories above, all we've lost are some names. But these are big names to have lost, unfortunately.

Names like Hossa, Kopecky, Sammuelson, Chelios, Conklin, and perhaps a few more before the dust settles.

My opinion? What we've lost in names, we make up for in the names and new meat that remains. We have a coaching and scouting staff that exceeds the abilities of most to select players that match the legacy of Detroit. This will definitely be an interesting year. As we say goodbye to this many great players for the first time since the beginning of a salary cap, I believe we've finally entered into a new era for the Wings.

But an era we can win a cup in, for sure.

(though I wish Hossa and Kopecky had gone to a less talented team. Hawks - looking forward to see if you can touch the cup next year.)

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