Monday, July 13, 2009


Last night we traveled down to Cowden Family camp to hear our new Senior Pastor, Gerry Coates. He's preaching down there all of this week; something that was most likely decided well before anyone knew he would be joining us as pastor.....which is kinda cool.

His message was based in Colossians 1:15-23. A message about Christ being the center of everything. Not because we really really desire passionately for him to be there. Not because it'll make everything come up daisies. Not even because that's "Christianity". But because it IS.

We were reminded of the irony that comes when a human being, formed from the dust of the earth - turns to the Creator and Lord over all things and says "I accept you."

Christianity, and American Christianity especially, have in many places become more fans of selfish idolatry of Jesus; over actual biblical and historical faith in Christ. It's seen in much of the language used (especially at certain booths at the Decatur Celebration...:) ) "If you died tonight, do YOU know where YOU would go?" These scare tactics (along with the line of thought that says "I want my BEST LIFE NOW", a.k.a. special blessing and empowerment for success from God...whatever that means) may jump start a relationship with Christ", but it's not the direction of Jesus. "You never saw Jesus dangling Heaven in front of people." (quotes from Coates)

Is Christ the center of our faith? Or are WE the center? Why do we do what we do, in regards to our spiritual lives? In regards to our "secular" (but non-separateable) lives?

I believe it's why so many people can abstain from church so easily, and still consider themselves a Christian.

I also believe it's why so many people can attend church services regularly, and because of that consider themselves a Christian.

What if we truly did what we do, and are who we are, and become what we are becoming......soley because of, out of, based in, sourced in, directed towards, moving with, empowered by, etc....Jesus Christ and His Spirit? The firstborn from among the living. The firstborn from among the dead. Lord over ALL.

Look out creation.... :)

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