Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update....youth remodeling....

So, if you're in youth ministry you may have a challenge: What to put on the walls?

Christian Music posters? Nope, too fickle. Often also supports an industry bulking with things not very associated with Jesus other than breaking commandment #3.

Cheesy Christian/Inspirational Quote Posters? Nope, too cheesy.

So what to do? Make your own. :) Grab some paint, and some canvasses, and be sure to prepare in advance via drop cloths and regulations to keep it semi-controlled. I told my teens to "create", and not to worry about making something with a cross or Jesus on it...but I wouldn't stop them from doing it either. Turns out we had creative teens in our group, and teens who enjoyed creating. :) Here are a few...

Come check out our youth room to see the rest, they're GRRRRREAT!

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