Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Youth Directory - For Free!!!

Hey all..I know I have one or two youth workers who stumble on my blog. For you special few, I'm posting about a helpful tool I've found. I may be completely out of touch, and you may laugh that I don't use _______ instead because it's so completely easy and free. But in case, like me, you found yourself wondering how to compile a youth directory easily and ya' go:

I used GEFC Directory 2.1, which is a free shareware program. They do offer the ability to pay and subscribe to having them host/save your address/database online. But you can still use their software without paying for any of those services, simply by clicking "Register Later" when using the program.

You simply upload pictures of your teens into a file, and remember where it is. You'll want to crop them to a square around the face, it shows up best. Then you add each person's information as a separate set of data, like any student database you may have used before. It allows you to select your photo for each student/leader, and set up a profile for your booklet (front page/back page inside and out designs). Then you print, and make copies!!!

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