Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weldon with Jesus.

I spent the first half of today taking a hike with Jesus @ Weldon Springs. I asked Him to lead me and clarify the messages I would be giving to Junior High Camp this summer. He was definitely faithful in those. But here is why I love taking walks with Jesus...

He gives so much more than we ask. I saw bull frogs larger than my fist here. Brought back great memories of catching frogs at Columbia Creek Park, in Michigan...while mom got the strawberry shortcake ready. :)

A neat moment where I saw the barren terrain (think "beginning of Lion King"), and it was as if this was that same scene after God's return/making new.

I took a moment here to acknowledge the possibility that God was using the dew all over my feet, and symbolically "washing them"...another reason to always wear flip flops. :)

When you bring a pole, you worry about catching one, but when you use your eyes - every fish is yours. :)

I thought about the effort it took to carry these few stone circles into the middle of a path in the woods. I hope that person knows how beautifully they've worked with what God has made here. :)  Perhaps we are laying such stones in our own lives...may we be encouraged to know what can become when we work with God...

A great morning, got a jump start on a transformational week this summer, and burned a few calories.  Thanks God. :)

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